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Water in Crawl Space

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Crawlspace Moisture Control

Whether dealing with under cabinets, wet ceilings, wall cavities or drying any type of material, Crawlspace solutions has the equipment you need. Most buildings have many types of surfaces and materials, with different absorption rates, that affect how fast the material will absorb water and release it through the drying chambers that are set up. After water gets inside a structure it must be cleaned up as soon as possible.

We use a combination of heat, air movement, dehumidifiers, and air filtration to best install a drying system that is effective for all structures. Fully removing water from a structure is a delicate process that requires 3 foundational steps.

  • Water Extraction – Removing water while it is still in the liquid state is a lot more efficient than doing so once it has begun to soak into the structure and has to be extracted by dehumidificationand  evaporation. Water extraction equipment returns the best results for structural drying with standing water.

  • Evaporation – Once the max amount of water has been physically removed, we then put in place air flow machines that are used to create evaporation from the water that has been absorbed into the structure. Air flow is of high importance to increase the rate of evaporation compared to normal drying techniques.

  • Dehumidification – To counter the moisture being introduced into the air from the evaporation process, we bring in dehumidifiers to avoid secondary damage. Without dehumidification, the excess moisture produced would be absorbed into other materials, further delaying the drying process and allowing mold growth.

We use a combination of equipment to increase the rate of evaporation and get your structure back to normal faster. We also have special wood floor drying units, with the potential of drying a floor back to its pre-existing condition so that sanding and finishing is not needed.

We provide the proper moisture monitoring equipment to measure for moisture once your drying system is setup. This will measure moisture in the air and surfaces to determine how much progress has been made. By the time we have completed the job, you will have proof that your structure is completely dry.

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