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With over 25+ years of construction experience, including wooden crawlspace structural replacement, throughout the Georgetown, Summerville and Orangeburg,  Charleston Crawlspace is especially well qualified for the structural wood repair work necessary to restore your crawl space back to its original structural integrity.

Replacing your home’s wooden components of your crawl space is not a DIY project. Charleston Crawlspace specializes in repair and replacement due to rot, mold, pest damage, warping or other circumstances like fires or floods. If your foundational structure is compromised by any of these situations, its just a matter of time before you’ll see the results starting to show like warped or sloping floors, drywall cracks, doors sticking or not being able to close.

We handle all types of wooden crawl space repairs to include all floor system components including sill plates, girders, floor joists, subfloors including repair of support piers or columns. Over time the columns and piers can settle or drop relative to the subfloor due to rotted joists, settling subsoil leaving floors uneven or sloping … we can fix that problem also.

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